Municipality of Priboj has become a member of EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which gathers 7,500 local self-governments.

Municipality of Priboj expressed its determination to reduce green house gasses over 40% untill  2030 by using renewable energy sources, mostly biomass, as well as other energy efficency measures. Also, the plan is to adopt Action Plan for climate and sustainable energy which covers period untill 2030.

Mayor of the Municipality of Priboj, Lazar Rvovic, signed the Covenant at a ceremony addanted by representatives of Public Investment Management Office of the Republic of Serbia, Regional Development Agency Zlatibor, Embassy of France, German Development Organization GIZ, RES fondation, Biomaas and Energy Efficency group in Zlatibor region and from local self-goverments in the region. Municipality of Priboj is well known for sucessful realisation of fuel switch to biomass for heating public buildings. Two years ago, Municipality financed by itselfs  instalation of heating unit on pellet with capacity of 0.9 MW for heating school, preschool, cultural center and municipal administration building. Currently is under construction new boiler room on woodchips with capacity of 1.8 MW for heating two primary and secundary scholls and Health Center. Public Investment Management Office financed this construction. Additionally, technical documentation for biomass heating plant was prepared, and construction is expected in 2020.